Client Reviews


"Wonderful Ideas"

"I am very excited to have Elizabeth working on my project. She has wonderful ideas and vision."

                        -Gin S.


"Elizabeth, a god in my book, came over and helped me design an entire living room. Literally designed the couch and pillows and put together an entire room. I am frugal but she went with me for 2-3 hours designing down to the lamps and accessories. She is AMAZING"

-Ally T 

"Excellent at every stage"

"Elizabeth worked on my last project- a deluxe marina villa that was 3100 square feet. She was excellent with every stage of the project from the inception of plans, purchase of goods, integration of some of my pieces and final installation and ultimate final set up for a photo shoot. Although quite artistic and knows what looks great but also functions, ES always took my view into consideration..”

- Nadine L.


"Well Educated"

"Elizabeth spent quality time withme in my effort to understand a new interior design for my personal tastes in bedroom furniture and mattress differences. in my opinion she was well educated... and enjoyed what seems to be her calling in life"

- Ronald